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Everything you wanted to know about Disney stock.

Everyone wants to own a piece of the magic! This website has everything you want to know about Disney stock – from how to buy it, to how to gift it, to stock splits and news, to how to get the Disney Collectible shareholder certificate.

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True one share ownership

The recipient becomes a real shareholder and owns a piece of the magic!

Personalized display certificate

A personalized replica stock certificate framed per your order.

Added Bonus

Once the recipient is a Disney shareholder (U.S.), she is eligible to purchase a separate collectible certificate directly from Disney.

Walt Disney

The Walt Disney Company is an entertainment powerhouse most known for its theme parks. Disney also owns Marvel, Pixar, Lucas Films, ABC, ESPN, & Disney Channel.

Disney stock certificate

The intricate certificate is a replica of Disney’s authentic stock certificate design from when they did issue paper. It was a highly sought after collectible for many years. It is one of the most ornate stock certificates around, showing the Magic Kingdom, many of the Disney characters and Walt Disney himself. More Disney stock certificate history.


There are several ways to buy Disney stock as a gift . The easiest by far is at GiveAshare.com:

  • Specializes in stock gifts
  • Takes 1 minute – no account s
  • Only place to get a stock certificate.


Gifting Disney stock is a smart and fun way to teach kids about stocks:

  • Framed certificate grabs attention and keeps it front and center.
  • Kids learn by experiencing ownership by getting dividend checks, annual reports, invites to shareholder mtgs.

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